About Us


EcoBling - Planet Friendly Accessories.

We upcycle materials once destined for landfill to create gorgeous, fashionable and unique accessories for you. Our handcrafted pieces are 100% made in Australia with a whole lot of love. We plant a tree for every piece sold and partner with Indigenous Australian communities so we can share and celebrate the amazing culture and wisdom First Nation Australians have to offer through our IndigiBling range.

We also directly act to help vulnerable and disaster stricken areas in developing countries to strengthen and rebuild communities and livelihoods in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible way (join our emailing list/newsletter at the end of this page to learn more about this incredible work). This is done through our Feature Projects where we mentor and consult on social enterprise and even set up EcoBling production chapters in-country.

Last but not least. We also support the ongoing administration expenses of not for profit organisation, The One World Collective, so all donations can go to the projects they are intended for.

In short, EcoBling is a social enterprise dedicated to creating a healthier & happier world.



EcoBling was inspired by hope and good people.

One day, sitting in front of the computer reading about all the problems being faced in today’s world, a glimmer of hope flashed into our Founder & CEO’s head. It wasn’t the usual reaction one gets when being bombarded with negative news stories but nonetheless Katie Johnston isn’t the “usual reaction” kind of woman.

With over consumption, over population, pollution, fossil fuel extraction (reliance and consumption), poverty, inequality, species extinction, mining and corrupt & greedy corporations and governments (the list goes on) holding the reins on the trajectory of the planet it is easy to get weighed down into inaction. How does one rise above it all, how does one create a new framework where the problems we see today become obsolete?  While the solutions are still a working progress Katie knew it was time to get clever or die trying.

She thought, “How can we create a resilient and sustainable organisation? How could  this organisation be established without relying on the fickle nature that is corporate and government grants? Could it be accomplished without loosening our purpose and values?" Social enterprise was the answer. One question remained, "how can we ensure that the product AND the process is the absolute best it can be for people AND the planet?”

After learning more and more about upcycling Katie was off. Making a beautiful object from something that already existed was no longer functional (i.e waste) was the start.




Her venture needed to be;

  • Something that everyone could afford to participate in.
  • Something that was fun, symbolic, engaging & world changing.
  • Something that supported the environment and the needs of people without using the environment or people as a means to an end.
  • Something that gave back more than it took.
  • Something that was in alignment with all her values and enabled communication of shared beliefs.
  • Something that was ethical, sustainable, and environmentally friendly, in both product and process. 

So there it was, EcoBling, planet friendly Accessories. Accessories made from waste where your dollars go towards not for profit, social and environmental causes!